In Black Hawk County, Iowa, times are changing. The factories and warehouses of downtown Waterloo, the county capital, lie abandoned. Infrastructure and investment trickle away, along with the young, who seek better prospects elsewhere. Torn scraps on billboards advertize businesses that no longer exist and neighborhoods decay.

Old farms, where the first settlers set down crops and roots, are tumble-down and vacant, the new houses of industry increasingly owned by giant corporations, with fingers hooked deep in local and national government. Drones spray crops and corn is perfected in labs to grow faster, better.

Sergeant Riley Fisher, recently promoted, is head of Investigations at the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office. She lives with her brother, Ethan, a troubled addict, in the rambling Fisher family home on the edge of a creek. It is a place of green shadows and dark water, its soundtrack the whine of mosquitoes.

When Riley is called to investigate the murders of several local women, aided by Logan Wood, a former detective recently transferred from Flint, she’s shocked to find that one of the victims is an old friend of hers – a friend from a time she has tried to forget. But as she delves deeper into the case, on the hunt for the killer, Riley soon discovers that some things don’t stay buried.


USA & Canada (Flatiron): January 2022

Australia & New Zealand (Hodder & Stoughton): January 2022

UK (Hodder & Stoughton): April 2022

Italy (Leone Editore): Spring 2022

France (Editions Belfond): Spring 2022

Holland (Meulenhoff Boekerij): July 2022

Germany (Piper Verlag): Spring 2023

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